Car Enhancement Package

Selling Your Car?

If you are looking to sell your car, you will naturally want to attract the highest price possible for it. This is a time to pay close attention to the little details, as they can all add up to maximising your car’s value.

We can help by cleaning, refining, polishing and detailing your car. It’s all part of our car enhancement service, which lets you choose between two enticing packages. Either way, you can look forward to a car that looks as prestigious as you always knew it was.

Enhancement Packages

15 Stage Bucket Wash

Interior dressed

-  1 stage non abrasive machine polish

Duration 1 Day

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15 Stage Bucket Wash

Interior  dressed

Interior wet vacuumed and hoovered…

Engine bay cleaned and detailed

Wheels removed and cleaned

1 stage non abrasive machine polish

Metal's polished

Duration 1 Day

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5 OUT OF 5

I had metal contaminant damage to the bonnet of my 4 month old Suzuki Across, mobile scratch repair operators referred me to bodyshops, bodyshops took a deep intake of breath and suggested resprays. I found Mavin Detailing and took my car down to them where "Magic" did an incredible job or rectifying the damage and deep cleaning the car. Incredibly impressive and at a very reasonable price. I am very very grateful to have my pride and joy looking like brand new again after finding the damage whilst washing the car. Thank you Magic, terrific service. Paul

Paul Howard

Magic at Mavin Detailing is a magician! He did a 2 stage machine polish, and waxed our 2010 Mini Cooper Convertible plus interior cleaning, leather treatment, steering wheel treatment . The car looks better than ever...I have included a photo of the bonnet half done so you can see for yourself the difference ! The quality of work and attention to detail is amazing. I would highly recommend using Mavin Detailing. I was so impressed I went back the week later to get my Jaguar F Type de-chromed. Again a first class job.

Ali Mactavish

Took a VW Beetle with a very grubby beige interior to these guys before putting it up for sale. The result exceeded my most optimistic expectations - not cheap but a really fabulous job. Highly recommended.

Eric W

Excellent service from Mavin Detailing. They did an excellent job correcting paint issues on Tesla model 3 and the applied PPF. I had covid on our booked appointment and so was unable to deliver the car so Jay came to collect it and he also delivered it when completed and we are 35 miles away. Had a complementary wash and inspection to make sure the PPF was as it should be and not surprisingly it was A1. As a Mavin customer we also get the option to leave our car with them whilst we go on holiday flying from Gatwick provided we buy a car wash. Where else would you get this? They do an excellent job and were cheaper than their competitors. Highly recommended. Thank you Jay and Magic

Alan Inman

Enhancement package - selling your car ?

An enhancement package from Mavin Detailing can enable you to get your car in the best possible condition before you post up that “for sale” listing. With this service, we guarantee to boost the value of your vehicle as you prepare to offload it.

Each package includes a 15-stage bucket wash, while the more advanced package adds detailing for your engine bay and wheels.

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Automotive Cleanliness - Inside and Out

On the second-hand market, your car needs to make a positive first impression. Unfortunately, its paintwork might have dulled over time, but we can restore gloss and sharpness. This is crucial because potential buyers can then perceive the car as well-maintained.

Similarly, we can dress your vehicle’s interior - and, in the case of the more advanced package, wet vacuum and hoover that interior, too. The resulting tidiness can especially impress someone who goes for a test drive in your on-sale car.

Car Enhancement FAQs

This treatment is available with each of our car enhancement packages, and our dedicated 15 stage 2 bucket wash page includes a detailed breakdown of what this treatment covers.

No. Whilst it does not eradicate swirl marks, it can dramatically remove the appearance of swirl marks and defects. To learn more about swirl mark elimination you can visit our car detailing packages.

We can enhance your car within one day. You can book the level of package you require as listed in our car enhancement packages above.

Though our two-day package does include removing and cleaning the vehicle’s wheels, it does not extend to repairing damage, functional or cosmetic. We do, however, offer a separate wheel refurbishment service.

While we can remove visible traces of dirt and grime as part of enhancement, we would advise that you use our antibacterial treatment for especially effectively ridding your car of invisible bacterial contamination.